Robert McCullough, 1986. Photograph by Mark Atkinson.

The Work

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  1. Deb Powers Chinery

    I was a Robert McCullough student 1980-82. I was also a single mom with two little boys and there was NO mercy! Robert taught Design Application a sr class for a BFA degree. There were many students who switched to a BA because they knew it was the “killer” design class. I was one of two students that year that graduated with a BFA and it was the only course I got a B in – I missed an A by one point. I also almost killed my teacher, he had a bad back and laid on my PVC hammock, the knots were not as secure as they should have been. I feel “privileged” to have been part of the Wednesday night “discussion” group. The BEST art classes I took from ODU were from Robert and Ron Snapp. Today, I’m still an exhibiting artist and high school art teacher on the Big Island of Hawaii. I tell my students “Robert” stories, thanks. aloha


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