Poster by Anne Bousquet and David Johnson.

We all remember a favorite phrase of Robert’s. Record your memorable Robertism here.

21 Responses to “Robertisms”

  1. Rachel Silver

    Computer literacy is like nylon. Nylon was supposed to save the world! But what did nylons ever really do for anyone? Computers are the nylon of the Eighties.

  2. rlynn thacker

    circa ’75, in response to my enthusiasm for Carlos Castaneda…”have you read Camus…?”

  3. Heidi Beisel Workman

    A group of us students made t-shirts our senior year. The front said, “But what would Robert say?” and the back said, “Feed it to the piggs.” (intentional typo).

    • Marci Waltower Indest

      I still have that hot pink long sleeve t-shirt…thanks to Anne Bousquet…through all my moves and given the fact I haven’t fit in it for 10 years!

  4. Mike Brewer

    During the infancy of computer graphics Robert, while holding his hands into the air, was heard many times saying these fingers will never touch plastic.

  5. Rachel Silver

    I always meant to make a button or T-shirt that said, “Who died and made you Robert?” Never got around to it.

    • Lucy Alfriend Thacker

      Rachel, I love this! You should still do it; has so much relevance for many generations to come!!

  6. Lucy Alfriend Thacker

    This is not a quiche. It’s a frittata. It’s all about the way you present it.

  7. Lucy Alfriend Thacker

    I will never have children. But if I ever have a child, I will give that child two very important names: Velveeta, and Styrene. {Go for it, I said. After all, you told Mike Brewer your fingers would never touch plastic!!}

  8. Lucy Alfriend Thacker

    Old thoughts from MBT: I really don’t believe in skirts for sinks. If the stuff under the sink is ugly, then let it be ugly.

  9. Christopher Banks

    It’s a good start. Question now is will you know when to stop?

  10. Trevor Cole

    “Well, now that you have gotten that out of your system, go design something”

  11. Ahmed O'Daniel

    “It’s either an A or an F. Either you do or you don’t.”


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